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Most women use cosmetics in their regular days and they cannot negotiate it for some. The question often received by cosmetic manufacturers India is that “is the use of cosmetics bad for our skin?” Consumers who ask such things don’t get clear answers every time and they get relevant suggestions as per their skin type, and the products they use.

Since a complete range of cosmetics available today, most people don’t even know from where to start with makeup. Natural or organic? Fragrant or non-fragrant? Paraben free or sulfide free? What is better and what is not? They are completely confused about it!

Makeup is defined as a beautification process in which multiple cosmetics are used to surface the facial deformity and make the person look beautiful than before.

However, these days it is a luxury and women are buying it like a precious thing. But increased use of makeup can affect our skin badly. You may not find it true, but the truth is – “regular use of makeup products can make your skin dull, oily, clumsy, and full of acne.”

While in most cases, makeup doesn’t pose any risk of damage, there are certain products that may cause skin troubles for some people. This is why manufacturers of cosmetics always suggest their consumers to use suitable products only. This is the reason when you visit a store and the professionals do a patch test to check if the product is right for your skin or causing any allergic reaction.

Skin types classified into 4 groups-

• Oily skin – if you have oily skin, your skin produces excessive oil, large pores, acne, and blackheads.
• Sensitive skin – If you have sensitive skin, it feels tight, stinging, and allergic to most products and may develop rashes.
• Dry skin – Dry skin looks dull, flaky, and rough. It causes itchiness.
• Normal skin – it is usually oily in the T-zone (forehead, chin, and nose).

Unsuitable cosmetics put bad impact on your skin and may result in –

• Acne
• Inflammation
• Irritation
• Rashes
• Scars and more

You should avoid fragrant products that have a list of preservatives. Parabens, formaldehyde, and quaternium 15 are common preservatives used by cosmetic manufacturers in India to prevent microbe growth.

It is better to take a small patch test before buying any new product. Not every product is designed for everyone. People have different skin types and manufacturers are making their range of products according to the skin types.

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