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Herbs are the precious gift given by the nature to us. Herbal cosmetic manufacturers understand the value of these herbs and thus, they always promote their products among consumers. While there are some herbs mixed with masks and drinks to avail benefits, in this post we will talk about other herbs used in steam bath.

Believe it or not, your skin loves steams. Getting steam bath is a simple self-care practice that anyone can add to his skin care routine. Steaming helps in opening of skin pores and when you add herbs and flowers in the water, it’s soothing and healing properties get enhanced. The herbal steam nourishes and tones your skin. By adding plants and herbs to the hot water help in infusing their nutrient rich aromatic oils that get absorbed by your skin while you steam.

Major benefits of facial steams –

• They cleanse – Warm steams give you smooth skin by removing impurities, bacteria, and dirt clogging your skin pores. It also removes toxins and buildup on your skin. If you often need to deal with blackheads and whiteheads, you must opt for facial steam skin care treatment as it softens the blackhead and whitehead plugs that you can gently remove with the scrub.

• They enhance blood circulation – The blood vessels of your skin dilated due to perspiration and this helps in enhancing blood flow. Good circulation offers healthy complexion.

• Your skin gets hydration – Steam hydrates your skin and enhances permeability. The moist heat revives your tired skin and helps in absorbing moisture that makes your skin suppler.

• Steam is a therapy – by adding herbs and essential oils, you can take an aromatic therapy and calm down your mind and soul.

• You get glowing skin – The enhanced blood circulation and hydration to skin surface leave you with healthy, beautiful and youthful skin.

How to take herbal facial steam?

• Pick your herbs according to your skin type. For dry skin- rose, lavender, or borage works well. For oily skin- rosemary, sage or peppermint will be suitable.

• Find a comfortable area where you can sit and take facial steam.

• Secure your hair back and make sure they don’t come over your face. You can use honey cleanser to skin surface to remove impurities during your steaming session.

• Put water and herbs inside your steamer and take the session for 15 minutes.

• Exfoliate after steaming. It removes dead skin and blackheads and whiteheads.

You can later apply herbal moisturizer after cleansing and toning session. For best herbal products, you can always contact herbal cosmetic manufacturers.

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