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Argan oil has gain popularity in recent time. Credits go to hair oil manufacturers who bring this oil in the limelight. Argan oil is natural nutty oil used by Morocco people every day. Argan fruit is very nutritious and people use it on salads, on skin for massage, and for hair conditioning. Not only this, argan oil is also used for first aid purposes, for instance – it treats skin rashes, bug bites, and skin infections.

The argan fruit has a small nut inside. These nuts are gathered and pressed by oil industry to extract argan oil. For generations, Moroccans are using argan fruit to extract pure oil that can be used as a dietary supplement.

The oil is effective for moisturizing hair and both men and women can use it. It also has amazing healing power. Since argan oil is known for its richness, it effectively conditions hair and scalp. This oil holds therapeutic properties and has vitamin A and E. Vitamin E contains trocopherol substance that boosts the cell production and regeneration. It enhances the hair texture if applied regularly.

Argan oil penetrates the hair shafts and follicles and nourishes the keratin protein of hair well. Apart from this, oil also has anti-oxidative properties. It also contains anti-oxidants and fatty acids like linoleic acid and omega -6, which makes the oil super moisturizing product. You can use argan oil for aging and damaged hair and on colored hair as well. You really don’t have to dip your hair into oil to get the benefits. Just a few drops are enough to feed your hair every day.

Benefits of using argan oil regularly –

  1. It treats frizzy hair
  2. It reduces split ends
  3. It ends the phase of rough hair
  4. It repairs damaged hair
  5. It protects hair from sunlight

How to use argan hair oil?
• You can apply few drops of argan oil after bath as a live-on hair conditioner.
• Replace your chemical based hair styling products with argan oil. You can just use few drops of oil to leave your hair shiny for whole day.
• You can use argan oil to treat your lifeless and dull hair. Massage regularly on your scalp with argan oil and treat your damaged hair.
• You can even add few drops of argan oil in your shampoo and conditioner. You will notice moisturizing effect on your hair in few weeks.

Ayurvedic Hair oil manufacturers are offering pure argan oil to their customers. You can buy the best range for your hair from them.

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